Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll Heaven - Rocknroll Show

Wayne Kennedy at 50s WWRL mikeOur new show is up and rolling in fine style
and will be coming your way real soon !

The Greatest Rock n Roll Story
never to be told in a stage show until now

Just where did the likes of Elvis Presley & Bill Haley
get those great songs from ?

Quite literally this is the music story that changed the world
as we knew it - developing the heart and soul of rocknroll.

Hip kids will already be aware of the R & B influence of
Big Joe Turner, Louis Jordon, Wynonie Harris & Roy Brown
not forgetting the country influence of Hank Williams etc,Wayne Kennedy blows sax like Big Jay McNeely
+ Louis Prima's combination of fun and awesome musicians.
Great singers - great songs - great players - great fun !!!

Rompin n stompin and good times a plenty, on a wonderful trip that is hip to the tip - with many great Rockin n Rollin tunes ...

Hound Dog - Such A night - Shake Rattle & Roll
Flip Flop & Fly - Good Rockin Tonight
Crying In The Chapel & many more favourites.

Jumpnjive, swing, boogie woogie call it what you will,
its all about the musicians and those truly great songs.

We are currently in rehearsals with the finest performers.

Dancers will also be featured portraying jive, lindy hop etc.

Of course every single note is sung and played totally live.

Let Em Jump For Joy !


Rock n Roll Heaven - Rocknroll Show