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Q1 Where area are you based ?
In the centre of England J25/J26 M1 postcode DE7 8XJ.

Q2 How far do you travel to put on shows ?
Anywhere in the world.

Q3 What are your travelling expenses ?
In Great Britain its the standard 40p per mile.
To easily work out transport costs go to
and enter the venues address for exact mileage.
Overseas - air tickets and transport must be provided.

Q4 What do you charge ?
Fees depend on day - date & location etc.
Shows not concluded by midnight incur a surcharge.
Accommodation may also have to be supplied for shows
of considerable travelling distance and or late finish.

Q5 When is payment due ?
For shows in Great Britain usually prior to commencing performance.
Deposits may be required in some cases.

Q6 What if the date I am looking at is booked
could you recommend someone else ?

Not only will we try and find someone else for you,
we can contact and book them for you if you wish.

Q7 Does the promoter have to supply equipment ?
Stage obviously and possibly PA and lighting.
Clean lockable dressing room is also required.

Q8 Are there any other costs ?
Everything else is covered with the exception of insurance,
promoter is responsible for the artist's and equipment's safety.
Insurance must also be taken for all possible eventualities like
delay or cancellation of air flights and failure of third parties.
Parking must be made available at no cost to the artists
within 100 yards of the venue stage area for up to 4 vehicles.
Standard refreshments of course for the performers and crew.

Q9 Is the performance live ?
Yes all singing and playing is totally live - every note.

Q10 What is the length of your performance ?
Theatre shows are 2 x 50 minutes with 20 minute break.
Festivals and other events are usually 1 x 60 minutes.

Q11 What about the full evenings entertainment ?
Other carefully chosen and recommended artists and/or
personality disc jockey can be supplied to make sure
the entire evening is a success from start to finish.
Our management can orchestrate every minute of
entertainment and every song throughout the entire
proceedings of an event - ensuring all your favourites
which you can request in advance - leaving nothing
to chance - to give you have peace of mind.

Q12 Is the show visual ?
Absolutely - all shows are a real hyperactive bundle of fun.
Perhaps they should maybe slow down a little at their age !

Q13 What songs do you perform ?
Classic rock-n-roll tunes mainly from the years 1935 to 1955.
Check out the show tunes

Q14 Can you request songs ?
This will be considered provided done at the time of booking
and the requests are within the vein of the show's image
(sorry no heavy metal or rap).

Q15 Can people dance at the show ?
Are you serious - you want be ba able to sit still !!

Q16 Is there any bad language ?
Certainly not - class acts do not have to lower themselves
in order to gain audience approval. The only F word is FUN.

Q17 How can I be sure that you will turn up ?
You will be issued with a contract by our entertainment agency
Masters Entertainment Corporation - which will issue both parties
with legal binding agreement that is simple and clear on all issues.

Q18 What if you fail to turn up ?
In the unlikely event of this ever happening -
you have a contract which we are tied to.

Q19 Are there any advertising restrictions ?
Yes - show must be advertised as written on the contract.
As well as being very proud of the shows that we perform,
we also want the customers to be absolutely clear
on exactly what it is they are paying to come and see.
We also ask to include our website
in order to ensure total clarity of the performance.

Q20 Do you have public liability insurance ?
Yes as a member of Equity number M00096984
5,000,000 insurance policy number RTT112094

For other questions not listed above please contact us


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